Volcanic Ceramics

jasonstokingJason grew up in that part of Colorado that connects the mountains to the desert. His visual art influences range from Southwestern native pottery to album cover art, though nature is his largest influence and inspiration. He spent time in the summers hiking and rafting the canyons, and winters skiing the high country. The sandstone formations of the Western Colorado desert, ripples in the sand, tracks made by insects, patterns found in snake scales, oil sheen on water, decomposing plant material – these things have always given him a desire to create.
His music has been inspired by natural elements as well – the call of a canyon wren, the sizzle of wind through high tension wires, the pounding sound of surf. All kinds of traditional music have been major influences as well – from classical to psychedelic to world folk music to drum circles around campfires.

His array of work includes many whimsical and musically functional bugles and didjeridus. Some of his pieces are included in a book entitled From Mud to Music,  published by the American Ceramic Society.