Double Udu Drum

Clay Udu Durm in purple and orange

The Udu Drum is clay vessel with a hole in the side that is played by slapping your hand over the hole.  You can hear a sample below.  This drum was fired in an electric kiln with oxidized glazes.  It has a loop at the bottom that doubles as a prop to allow it to … Read more

Red Doumbek

This wood fired ceramic drum is featured in the book “From Mud to Music” by Barry Hall.  it measures 14 inches across the head and 15 inches tall and has a surprisingly big sound.    

Doumbec Hand Drum #1

This wood fired Doum Bec drum measures 12.5 inches across the head and 14 inches tall. The rich warm shino glaze matches its deep tone. The goat skin head is tide on with highly durable climbing cord.